Designers with Disabilities Share Their Stories


Designers with Disabilities Share Their Stories

We’re all unique snowflakes, each of us offering a one-of-a-kind perspective of our time here on Earth. That much is for sure. Yet for some minority groups, their unique experience of the world requires adjustments to be made, so that they can navigate the architecture, technology and the tools created, almost entirely, by the majority group.

We are funny, vibrant, and nuanced. Mainstream culture never treats us that way or shows us a real vision of ourselves. We have to do that for each other

For many disabled designers, this imbalance has to change. Calling for inclusivity and accessibility in design, they confront topics of disability and bias in their works. Designers Shannon Finnegan and Ryan Seslow all agree that their disabilities have honed their creativity, and allowed them to develop a specialised set of skills. We spoke to them about design, inclusivity, and on getting themselves heard:

According to Brooklyn-based designer and artist Shannon Finnegan, many designers get accessibility wrong. “Accessibility is not in conflict with good design,” she proclaims. “For me, a design that centers accessibility is the best, most beautiful design.”


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