Creatives That Prove Illustration Can Make a Difference


Creatives That Prove Illustration Can Make a Difference

We all know the somewhat cliché, overused phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” As someone who walks the line between design and text, I’d like to think that that’s not always the case. But what the following three creatives and Wix users prove, is that when illustration is combined with a bucket-load of integrity, relentless motivation and an important cause, a picture can definitely be worth so very, very much.

Illustration is about so much more than just riveting visuals. These three brands and designers use illustration as a tool with which to make a point, advocate for change and spread awareness.

What Kristina Filler, Sofia Romagnolo and Izzy Wheels have in common, is that they all use the power of illustration to spread a message, make a change and give a voice to the less heard members of society.

Each does so in their own way. From empowering wheelchair users through custom wheel covers, to daring to illustrate controversial topics, to raising awareness of gun violence through illustration, these women show us how design can make a difference. Here are their three separate stories that remind us, yet again, of the power and impact that design can have on society.


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