Repetitive Overlay Inside


Repetitive Overlay Inside

The relationship between visual elements such as photographs and typographical elements is important to get just right. A good design often ensures that no one element vastly overpowers the other with no good reason.
Front End

Impressive publication set

In this publication, the more simple photographs have been paired with large, attention-grabbing pull quotes, while the more textured and complicated images have been paired with a small piece of body copy creating a balanced harmony between each page. The minimal design and the clear typographical hierarchy makes the navigation of this contents page quick, easy and functional.

Minimalism at its best

As previously mentioned, minimalism gives you a specific window to experiment with your design in a way you may not have been able to otherwise, and sometimes this means bending the rules a little. The logo presents half of a logotype upside down. But, thanks to the extreme simplicity and minimal nature of the branding, this crazy decision actually works really well as a visual element.
The Minimal Design House

Aesthetically perfected designs, ultimate arts and inspirations truly blended with a first-class signature. A design house that praises the creative works.

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