Shaded Black Night

Shaded Black Night


The most alluring shade

A minimalistic design can really help enhance the flexibility of your design, especially in terms of application. For example, this branding by Büro Ufho consists of a simple serif brand mark and two blocks of flat color. This particular branding has a high degree of flexibility in terms of its color palette; the color of the diagonal blocks are able to change quite easily without losing any of the brand’s integrity, all thanks to a simple, yet unique minimalist design.

Front End

Boldly identify your brand with inventive design

Minimalism doesn't mean just simplicity, it brings flexibility and efficiency.

Simply black
simply white, or both.

Minimalism is a great chance for you to explore the depth of symbolism with your design. Try and think around an object, about the things associated with the subject, about what the subject stands for.

For example, have a look at this design by Jennifer Carrow for the jacket of the non-fiction book “Against Happiness”. By fashioning the type into the symbol of a sad face makes for a clever and memorable design.


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