The Amethyst Morals

The Amethyst Morals

Less is definitely better, particularly when it comes to minimalistic typography. Using 1-3 fonts is your best chance at maintaining a minimal and functional design

The use of icons in the branding design builds up a unique identity for your brand.

Icons are useful little items that most of us use every day, from app icons to the toolbar icons on your computer. Icons can be used very effectively in the world of minimalism, as well. They can enhance accessibility, reduce the amount of text or type you have on a page and help guide users around your design visually. Have a look at how this website theme by Spab Rice integrates icons throughout the page to help navigation and explain their intent.

Insight Studio
Design, Art Direction
Sep 2019

Think typographically

The first step is to think typographically. The beauty of minimalism is the fact that small changes can have big results. Take this logotype for The Pines for example. A simple, sans-serif typeface adjusted with just two strokes creates a small but smart visual that doesn’t tamper with the alignment or minimalism of the logotype. Did you think in that way?

Small adjustments, big pay-off

Don’t forget why you started your design: the content. Minimalism works extremely well when it comes to showcasing content as the simplicity of the design allows for the attention to immediately go to the content rather than the business of the page. Have a look at this minimal webpage design by Darrin Higgins that simply allows for the content to be the main focus.

Aesthetically perfected designs, ultimate arts and inspirations truly blended with a first-class signature. A design house that praises the creative works.

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